Now that non-medical face coverings are necessary in shops and supermarkets – as well as on public transport — in England and Scotland chances are you could have a choice of reusable, washable face masks and also you probably don’t depart house without one. However when the time comes to clean them, are you washing them appropriately?

Just as you regularly wash your clothes, you want to wash your face coverings, to cease them from getting contaminated. And if you happen to’re not washing your mask, the contamination could spread to whatever you leave it with each time you’re taking it off. As well because the risk of spreading COVID-19 you could possibly also find yourself with skin problems from dust and bacteria transferring from your mask to the fragile skin in your face.

Medical consultants – together with John Hopkins Medicine – say that you must wash your mask after every use. Deyan agrees. «If you purchase or make your own fabric face mask, it’s wise to clean it commonly, he tells us. «Though the face mask’s purpose is to protect others from yourself, your fabric face mask nonetheless wants washing. When you don’t wash it, you risk germs and micro organism harbouring on the face mask, which may cause you to change into ailing or cause blemishes on areas where your mask rests in your face.»

What’s the very best way to wash my face covering? Do I would like to wash it separately?
«The very best way to wash your face mask is to pop it in the washing machine and add some material-safe disinfectant to the rinse compartment of your washing machine,» says Deyan. «You must do this each time you wear it, just to keep safe. It’s fine to throw it in with different similar colours, so don’t worry about washing it on its own.»

Can I hand wash my face mask?
«Should you don’t have the time for a machine wash in the evening, then you can simply handwash your mask. Fill up a clean basin with scorching water and some detergent and begin to scrub the mask. Have the water as sizzling as you can and you should definitely scrub the mask well for five minutes. Then rinse the mask with cold water and leave to dry completely.»

How should I store my face mask when I’m not using it?
Leaving your mask in the bottom of your handbag so you don’t overlook it may seem to be a good idea, but think again. Deyan explains: «In the event you take your mask off for whatever reason, be certain to store it properly until you get home to clean it. Leaving your mask loosely in your handbag may transfer germs to different items in your handbag and vice versa. Preserve a small disposable bag inside your bag or pocket that you can maintain the mask in until it’s time to wash it. When you take your mask off, don’t put it back on until after you’ve washed it.»

What number of face masks ought to I purchase?
Definitely more than one, says Deyan. «Having face masks signifies that you will always have one spare when the other’s in the wash, so it’s price investing in a -pack. Many fashion retailers now sell non-surgical masks so you possibly can easily pick some up.»

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